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Stop Smoking

Image of cigarette being snapped into two pieces by a hand

You may think that you haven't enough time to give advice about stopping smoking, but the good news is that it takes just 30 seconds to give brief stop smoking advice. A few smokers will give up from this advice alone, and many more will give up with NHS Stop Smoking Services support.

If you are not quite sure how to go about giving brief advice you can go through the first module of this training package which will give you confidence in approaching the task. The training takes under 15 minutes to complete. Just 30 seconds of your time putting the brief advice into practice may 'plant the seed' with a friend, colleague or family member, which could help save their life.

The second module of this training package is a guide to giving a brief intervention to help motivate smokers to give up. Brief interventions take about 5-10 minutes per patient and are for those people who have more time available to spend on this important task. The second module takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Start the Smoking Cessation Learning